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    Site rules. [UPDATE!]

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    Site rules. [UPDATE!] Empty Site rules. [UPDATE!]

    Post by Michaelsoft Widows on Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:13 pm

    'SUP, GORGEOUS? Wink

    Welcome to the site for random people.
    And regular people.

    These are the rules for this forum site.

    -Respect others. Neutral

    -try to Keep EVERYTHING PG 13 or UNDER Laughing

    -If you are under 13, you are not supposed to be here at all. If I find out that you are UNDER 13, your account will be deleted Twisted Evil

    -ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON. If a user is to be found to be making several accounts, ALL accounts will be deleted. Evil or Very Mad

    -You've been to other forums. You know the rules.

    -DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD. Even to your own grandmother. ( Do we even have to mention this?)
    If anyone asks for your PW, report them at once. Or we'll find you.

    - Not too much swearing. We will really try to let you express your opinions DA WAI YOU LYK IT, so some swearing is ok, but swearing alot, spamming with swear words at a user or staff will result in a suspension.

    -Try not to post off-topic posts. Such posts and topics may be moved/deleted.

    - Do not spam our chatbox. The chat box is for users having civilized conversations. If a user is seen spamming, they will be removed/blocked from the chatbox.

    -NO DATING.This site is for serious/non-serious disscusions. Dating might ruin our reputation. If you want to date, go to E Harmony.No porn or w/e.And don't hook up with random users because THEY MIGHT BE DIVORCED 50 YEAR OLDS AND OMG IT IS SO VERY DANGER !!!!!!!!pale pale pale pale Site rules. [UPDATE!] Icon_evil

    -Do not try to ask for additional gold coins. They do nothing but show your worth. Actually, that's a good thing 8D, but still.
    There might be occasional days when each user gets 5,000 coins or something.

    - Do not violate another user or staff member. This is a free country but it should also be a nice one.

    - No hacking/ cheating /Scamming.
    This is unfair to ther users. Being hacked is like your life's work, you whole life's work, taken away from you.LIKE YOUR CHILDRENNN!!! GONE, JUST LIKE THAT!!! TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU BY A CRUEL, .... Nevermind. You get the picture.
    Actually, you don't. Just don't scam. Smile

    -And try not to pee on our floors.

    Rules can change without notice.
    These rules apply to all forums and the entire site.

    If you break ANY one of these rules, you will be shot. If you do not die, we will shoot you again.

    Just kidding. the first 2 you violate the rules,another user or a staff memeber , you will recive a warning from a moderator or administrator. The 3rd or 4th time it happends, you will be either suspended or banned.
    Severe causes will result in a perm-ban.

    Do not attempt to ask us for a mod/admin promotion.
    Such request will be ignored and you will recive a warning.
    We know who to hire and chances are, that is probably not you :3

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