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    Kream's Art Thread (Currently Taking Requests)


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    Kream's Art Thread (Currently Taking Requests) Empty Kream's Art Thread (Currently Taking Requests)

    Post by Kream on Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:06 pm

    Hello, fellow inhabitants! Kream is currently giving out freebies! (Yay for talking in third person!)

    I will only have one slot available.

    You will have to tell me what you want drawn, and I will do my best. HOWEVER, I DON'T HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR REQUEST. I will most likely draw it if I feel like it, or if I like it.

    You must tell me
    - the character/person(s) you want drawn and what they look like [LOLOL IS PERSONS A WORD? PEOPLE*]
    - Poses for each character/person in the art
    - Anything else

    * Each art will have a watermark. DO NOT REMOVE THIS WATERMARK.
    * Claiming my art as your own is called STEALING. STEALING IS BAD. DO NOT STEAL.
    * No more than 3 FULL BODY people in one artwork. I will draw up to 6 people, but only a maximum of 3 will be drawn full body.
    * I am able to (and probably will) post the art I drew for you on other websites or in places where I post my art (ie. the Picture Post in this forum & deviantart).
    * I am allowed to choose whatever style I want to draw your art in. If you don't like it, IT WAS FREE. YOU DIDN'T LOSE ANYTHING. LIVE WITH IT.

    *There may be exceptions to this if you ask me.


    1 available

    Kream's Art Thread (Currently Taking Requests) Hetalia-romano-mustache
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